Monday, December 31, 2012

ArtClient v2.7 beta

Just in time for any New Year's Eve Artemis parties, I'm releasing version 2.7 beta of my unofficial Android client for Artemis SBS.

You can download it here(See update below) and check out the changes below.


  • NEW: Helm (finally) will use the correct drive (warp/jump) when joining in-progress games!
  • NEW: Station shields shown when selected by science/captain
  • FIX: Red alert/Shields status are shown/updated correctly when joining an in-progress game
  • FIX: Captain's map selector behaves and looks more like the official one
  • FIX: Bearing indicator should never go negative anymore
  • Turning smoothing should be better now, as we use the server-indicated turn rate if possible
  • Engineering sliders follow updates from the server during a game, now. May not be important, but the official client does this
  • Minor tweaks to improve Radar rendering, ship selection, etc.
UPDATE: In response to the request for access to this again, I'm adding the improved, 2.7.2 beta that was posted on the Artemis forums. You can download it here and see the added tweaks below:
  • 2.7.1: 30000% sliders bug fixed 
  • 2.7.2: Add version check so it doesn't try to play with incompatible servers (causing, you know, crashes)


  1. I must say, I really appreciate this!

  2. Looks like the download link is no longer valid? Any chance to get a copy of the 1.66 client put back up?

    1. Sure! I updated the post with the most recent version. Check out the 1.7 client, too: (just updated).