Saturday, January 15, 2011

WeGoIgo 500+

Nothing too substantial to report today, but I was excited enough that I thought I'd share: I was happily surprised today when I loaded up the Android Developer's page, to see that WeGoIgo Lite has seen over 500 total downloads. I would be even happier to see that many purchases of the paid version, but I can't complain ;) This project was always a labor of love, and the fact that I'm getting any money out of it at all is a truly exciting thing, and a first for me-- the vast majority of my pet projects haven't left the safety of my harddrive.

In other news, I've come up with what, I hope, will be a very fun and interesting new game, and one which, to my knowledge, will be pretty unique, too. I don't want to reveal anything yet-- it's little more than a freshly created project in Eclipse and an idea in my head, but I thought I'd throw it out there that I'm developing more than just WeGo.

That being said, my frantic update pace from the first couple weeks is sure to fall-- University is starting up again in a few days, in addition to this new project-- but fear not! I am still very interested in improving WeGo, and my To-Do list for it is by no means empty.

Thanks to everyone who's purchased my app and supported it so far, and a special extra thanks to everyone sending me constructive emails with suggestions and bug reports!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.7

Today I've released v1.7 of my Go app. While functionally there's just a minor bug fix, there are a couple graphical changes that combine to (I think) represent a drastic improvement. First and easiest is the addition of shadows to the stones. This was a sort of "while I'm at it" thing, but I think it looks really nice, and gives a depth to the board that wasn't there before.

Next, I've changed the zoom box/magnifying glass drastically. It's no longer a (rather ugly) rounded square, but a circle. In addition, it has a nice shadow, and a light shine, giving it some depth as well. I'd received some complaints that the zoom box was more confusing than helpful, because it wasn't much different from the rest of the board, and I hope that these changes will help to ameliorate that situation.

Updated screenshots and full changelog after the break.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and WeGoIgo 1.6

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping 2011 treats us all well.

In App news, I just pushed out WeGoIgo v1.6 for both lite and paid versions. This release has a slew of fixes and a preference to flip the positioning of the zoom box-- this should be relevant for anyone who thinks the tilt-sensor puts the box on the wrong side, or for those just using static positioning but hold their phone in the other hand.