Sunday, February 13, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.10

Didn't I say I wasn't going to be working as much on this for a while? Ah, well.

Version 1.10 brings some pretty nice improvements, like faster draw speeds for games with lots of stones (noticeable when using the magnifying glass), a more comprehensible stone toggling functionality when trying to use the "score" button on games (note that this is still NOT that accurate, and should be used more for visualization), and a comments popup window, that might be helpful if your device has a small screen.

In other news, apparently my developer's info thing hadn't updated when I posted yesterday, as WeGoIgo Lite now shows over 1700 downloads. I'm very excited by this! I also received the following review, which made my day:
This has the potential to be the best Go study tool on any mobile device. Keep up the great work.
Thanks, Mark, for your support!

As usual, the full changelog is after the break.

Friday, February 11, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.9

Released version 1.9 of WeGoIgo today. Not many huge changes, but several bug fixes.

Among the "nice new things," the circle magnifying glass will now properly "look at" points in the corners, and there are some coordinates on the side of the board, to help with reviewing games. They're kinda small (especially on phones with small screens), but there's not a whole lot of room, and I'm trying to maximize stone space, so it's easier to place stones where you want to. It's better than nothing, right?

Also, I'm excited to announce that WeGoIgo is now in the 50-100 downloads range. Thank you to everyone for your support! The lite version is almost at 1500 downloads-- wow!

Full change log after the break

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silence O'Clock

Today I published a simple app to automatically set your phone to silent (or vibrate) mode. The one I had been using didn't have a toggle feature, so if you wanted to temporarily disable some setting (like classes, when going on break), you had to delete it, and then add it back later-- a huge pain! In response to this frustration, I sat down and wrote this app. Not only can you toggle individual Silence Periods, but each Period belongs to a Group, which you can toggle in order to disable or enable every Period that belongs to it at once-- Now, I can just put all of my Silent Periods for class in a group, and just toggle that checkbox on breaks. Perfect!

Silence O'Clock is just $0.99 in the Market. I'll probably release a free version with limited features (probably just a single group, for example) at some point in the future.