Sunday, February 13, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.10

Didn't I say I wasn't going to be working as much on this for a while? Ah, well.

Version 1.10 brings some pretty nice improvements, like faster draw speeds for games with lots of stones (noticeable when using the magnifying glass), a more comprehensible stone toggling functionality when trying to use the "score" button on games (note that this is still NOT that accurate, and should be used more for visualization), and a comments popup window, that might be helpful if your device has a small screen.

In other news, apparently my developer's info thing hadn't updated when I posted yesterday, as WeGoIgo Lite now shows over 1700 downloads. I'm very excited by this! I also received the following review, which made my day:
This has the potential to be the best Go study tool on any mobile device. Keep up the great work.
Thanks, Mark, for your support!

As usual, the full changelog is after the break.

* Fix: Board Coordinate numbering follows convention properly now
* Fix: Sped up drawing when there are many stones on the board
+ Improved the stone toggling algorithm when scoring games. Note that this still very approximate, and should probably NOT be used for official score-keeping!
+ "Comments" button on the options menu when reviewing a game, Joseki, or Tsumego to open a window for viewing comments.... Should help people with smaller screens that don't have much room for the comments box.

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