Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WeGoIgo 2.2 -- with Lite version!

Just a quick post to say that I've released version 2.2 of my Go app just now. Along with a handful of features and changes, this version fixes a slew of bugs and stability issues. Thanks to everyone for reporting the bugs! I'm very happy with this new release—so happy that I've finally gotten around to releasing the Lite version. As before, the Lite version has all the same great features of the paid version, but shows somes ads in a (I hope) non-intrusive manner, and is a lower priority for releases (as is apparent by the several weeks between 2.0 going live on the normal version and this release).

Follow the break for the official changelog.

UPDATE: There were two issues with this update that have since been resolved. The first was with the Lite version. Apparently I accidentally imported the "internal" version of the ObjectAnimator class from ActionBarSherlock instead of the nineoldandroids version, which caused an immediate FC in any game mode for devices with an older version of Android. Sorry!

The other was an issue where files would appear to hang while loading. It was missed by me because I forgot that I had the "don't keep activities" developer setting enabled, which hid the problem. Sorry again!