Saturday, January 15, 2011

WeGoIgo 500+

Nothing too substantial to report today, but I was excited enough that I thought I'd share: I was happily surprised today when I loaded up the Android Developer's page, to see that WeGoIgo Lite has seen over 500 total downloads. I would be even happier to see that many purchases of the paid version, but I can't complain ;) This project was always a labor of love, and the fact that I'm getting any money out of it at all is a truly exciting thing, and a first for me-- the vast majority of my pet projects haven't left the safety of my harddrive.

In other news, I've come up with what, I hope, will be a very fun and interesting new game, and one which, to my knowledge, will be pretty unique, too. I don't want to reveal anything yet-- it's little more than a freshly created project in Eclipse and an idea in my head, but I thought I'd throw it out there that I'm developing more than just WeGo.

That being said, my frantic update pace from the first couple weeks is sure to fall-- University is starting up again in a few days, in addition to this new project-- but fear not! I am still very interested in improving WeGo, and my To-Do list for it is by no means empty.

Thanks to everyone who's purchased my app and supported it so far, and a special extra thanks to everyone sending me constructive emails with suggestions and bug reports!


  1. HI Daniel. I would be very interested in your program, but it is not available on the android 1.6 marketplace. I am running an archos 5 tablet device, which technically doesn't have access to the full market. There is a hack that gets me to the market, but I can't access anything on the Froyo market. Will your program run on Android 1.6? I would be happy to buy it if so. If it did work, I could paypal you the funds if you can e-mail me the file or something. I tried the link for wgoigo lite for free, which e-mailed me a file, but my archos couldn't load it. Not sure if this is a version issue, or simply a google marketplace issue.

  2. Hello, Shimari. Thank you for your interest in my app! Unfortunately, it's currently targeted for 2.1 Eclair and higher. Perhaps if I get time to download the 1.6 SDK, I might see if I can get it to work.