Sunday, January 2, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.7

Today I've released v1.7 of my Go app. While functionally there's just a minor bug fix, there are a couple graphical changes that combine to (I think) represent a drastic improvement. First and easiest is the addition of shadows to the stones. This was a sort of "while I'm at it" thing, but I think it looks really nice, and gives a depth to the board that wasn't there before.

Next, I've changed the zoom box/magnifying glass drastically. It's no longer a (rather ugly) rounded square, but a circle. In addition, it has a nice shadow, and a light shine, giving it some depth as well. I'd received some complaints that the zoom box was more confusing than helpful, because it wasn't much different from the rest of the board, and I hope that these changes will help to ameliorate that situation.

Updated screenshots and full changelog after the break.

+ Stones now have shadows!
* Change: Zoom box is now circular, and (I hope) more clearly
    distinguishable from the rest of the board
* Fix: Move numbering was incorrect when loading single games

Some closeups of the shadows
The magnifying glass in action!

1 comment:

  1. I do like the lens thing. It is not intuitive on the first try but works quite well. I would even like to have a second confirmation option, cause I am really, really clumsy and I still often aim wrong. You know, first click release you aim, second one you confirm.
    The brand new pimping is a nice addition :)