Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ArtClient v2.4 beta

Recently released version 2.4 beta of my unofficial Android client for Artemis SBS. It adds some fun new features, and fixes a bunch of little issues!

You can download it here, or check out the changelog:

  • NEW: Tilt-to-steer feature for Helm, if your device has an accelerometer and magnetic field sensor
  • NEW: Tap-to-steer feature, just like the official client!
  • NEW: Captain's map! Basically Science without scanning, but had a lot of requests
  • FIXED: Inability to select the station you just were after changing ships
  • FIXED: Font colors in jump dialog were wrong
  • Padding/sizes in Jump Dialog tweaked to hopefully fit smaller screens better
  • Improved parsing of neutral and enemy ship packets

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