Thursday, December 27, 2012

ArtClient v2.6 beta

Just released version 2.6 beta of my unofficial Android client for Artemis SBS. Since I forgot to post about 2.5 beta, I'll include its changes in the list here, too.

You can download version 2.6 beta here.


  • NEW: Helm and Weapons can see distance and bearing to nearby ships
  • NEW: Heading indicator for Helm, about the steering slider
  • NEW: Preference for tilt steering sensitivity, and to choose an alternative axis (for people whose devices report the wrong one, I guess)
  • NEW: Neutral and enemy ships should get some smoothing to their turning.
  • NEW: Receive and play back incoming audio messages (incoming_message scripting command)
  • FIX: More ships on radar (I was treating the INVIS_TO_* flags as always active, but science was showing some INVIS_TO_SCIENCE ships if the "state" bitmask was empty, so I guess they all need to be "active" or something)
  • FIX: Further reduce (remove?) "pop" when loading and unloading tubes
  • FIX: Changing beam frequencies works properly (IE: Doesn't unload torpedo tubes... oops!)
  • FIX: Handle missing .snt files more gracefully (for Mods support)
  • FIX: Remove "tilt" menu item from weapons
  • Further improved neutral ship parsing

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