Sunday, February 17, 2013

ArtClient v3.2.3 alpha

With the release of Artemis SBS v1.7, a lot of things changed both for users, and under the hood. For a while, I was pretty much convinced that things had changed too much for me to figure out. But, I persevered, wrote a few utility classes, and finally figured out the big changes---and even discovered some new things, too.

With some help from players on the Artemis forums, I've resolved a bunch of issues and now have a pretty good build. This is still alpha, because I think there's at least one or two unresolved crashes, but it also includes a crash reporting utility (which the security-paranoid can opt out of, though that means I may not be able to fix any crashes you experience) and a bunch of new features.

You can download v3.2.3 alpha here. It is no longer compatible with Artemis SBS 1.661, but IS compatible with 1.7 and 1.701 (the version on iOS).

  • NEW: Captain's map controls are properly separated from Science controls
  • NEW: "Relative" helm display! Enable under Settings
  • NEW: Engineering's Warp/Jump systems labeled appropriately by chosen drive type
  • NEW: Improved science scanning handling, follows the official client much more precisely!
  • NEW: Added (opt-out-able) crash reporting, so hopefully I can see exactly what's causing any remaining crashes
  • NEW: Allow connecting to version 1.701 servers (untested!)
  • FIX: Radar touch controls now continue to work properly after leaving and returning to the app
  • FIX: USFP references changed to TSN to match 1.7 client
  • FIX: Various bugs
  • Improved helm's tap-to-steer logic. 


  1. Any chance of getting an update that will work with the newest version of Artemis? Thanks.

  2. I'd like to echo this. Can you open it up to work with 1.702? I bought the official Android client, but yours is a heck of a lot easier to use on my phone's smaller screen.