Monday, May 9, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.14

Nothing groundbreaking in today's update for WeGoIgo, but a few fixes and changes that should make those users with small screens smile. You can now choose to view games in "fullscreen" mode, which hides the status bar and, if my emulator is to be believed, grants users with 3-inch QVGA screens just enough elbow room to use the navigation buttons when an ad is on screen. If you've got a nice beefy screen, or have paid for the ad-free version, this will just give you more room to read comments... but that's pretty cool, too, right? I also fixed a bug where, even if the ad slid off screen (which is automatic if any comments are there), you could still click on it somehow. My apologies to anyone affected by this issue for not discovering it sooner!

In other news, I've continued to fiddle with my SGF reading and handling to make them even more forgiving. This is a formal plea to SGF developers or people just writing out their Tsumego problems by hand: Follow the SGF standard specifications! It's easier for all of us. Regardless, this should make WeGoIgo official compatible with at least the kyuu-level tsumego on the venerable Thanks to Timo for your help finding incompatible sets!

+ Fullscreen preference. Helpful for those with really small screens.
+ WeGoIgo will now follow moves in SGF files even if they don't match the current black/white turn-- this is more in keeping with SGF standard
+ Even MORE compatibility with non-standard SGF
* Fix: If UI was covered by ads, trying to click on it when the ads hide no longer opens the (supposedly hidden) ad.
* Fix: FC caused by loading a file, loading a second one that doesn't parse, then loading the first again


  1. I've been converting my tsumego collection for use on wegoigo and I have run into one issue. When the variation ends it marks the problem correct.
    I've turned off "triangle is wrong" and added C[RIGHT] and C[WRONG] comments. Also BM is specified on wrong trees as well.

    AW[do:dq][fo:fq][go:ho][ip:is][er][ds]GE[life and death]DI[10k]DP[53]CO[8]
    C[Black to save the marked stones.]
    C[White can't connect.]LB[es:A]TE[1]C[RIGHT])
    C[Only ko, not good enough.]BM[1]C[WRONG]))

    Is there another way to specify right and wrong?

  2. I can switch all triangles out with circles and add a triangle to the last stone played on all wrong trees. Is there a better solution?

  3. Hi, Jeremy,

    WeGoIgo doesn't currently merge Comment (C[]) fields. If you put the RIGHT in the same comment with "White can't connect," it should work. Triangles are only checked as a very last resort, as is marking "wrong" at all-- WeGo prefers to look for explicitly RIGHT solutions if possible.

    WeGo doesn't support the BM tag; it doesn't necessarily mean a bad variation in a Tsumego. You can use WV (Wrong Variation), an extension used in Uligo's tsumego, or just the WRONG marker in the Comment.