Thursday, May 19, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.15

Just uploaded yet another update. Someone requested the ability to pass in Joseki on the reviews, so I thought I'd go ahead and put it in. You can pass through the options menu, a new button that's only enabled if there's a "pass" in the dictionary for the current move, or if there's a "tenuki spot," which is just some label in the bottom corner without a variation associated.

In other news, I've changed handicaps to follow this page: I think this is more common. If you don't like those, however, I've also added custom handicap placement.

Finally, I've added a bit more SGF/Tsumego compatibility, and updated the visual area calculation to include labels. Also, if it surrounded the board completely, it now shrinks it back down to what you'd expect.

+ Added passing for Joseki; Clicking on the tenuki spot in Kogo (IE, a label without an associated variation) will also pass
+ Added custom handicap placement!
+ "Automatic" (Japanese) handicaps now match GnuGo's order
+ More compatibility (specifically, old-style multiple labels, board size specifications for tsumego)
* Fix: Visual area for Tsumego now takes labels/annotations into account


  1. Hi Dan,
    i have an Android Tablet. I cannot access to Android Market (my vendor doesn't have the rights from Google) so i would ask you if you may publish your apps (free and paid) about go (WeGoIgo Lite, WeGoIgo and GnuGo for WeGoIgo) on The latter is the market i can access because Point of View has a partnership with AndroidPit, which is a free alternative to Google Market Place. Obviously you may publish your apps on any other free market that you like.

  2. Hi, where can I find Tsumego files to import into WegoIgo ?

  3. Hey Dan. What's the possibility of allowing folder movement in the Game Archive area? I have tons of commented games in folders for ease, as I don't know how to combine them into single sgf collections, but the Game Archive selector doesn't read/access folders. Could folder movement be allowed, maybe restricted within the archive superfolder alone?

  4. Hi,

    I am also having trouble finding any Tsumego files for import.

    Additionally I seem to be unable to go through the set of joseki. Only the first one seems to be navigable.