Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.12

Another quick-- but very important-- update for WeGoIgo. The last update changed some things about loading files to be more compatible with poorly formatted files, but I neglected to notice that the change would not be compatible with the loading method used for Joseki (it's different because Kogo is so huge). As a result, an initial load of a Joseki file would get stuck at 0%-- anyone who had installed it and used Joseki before the update should be fine, but another change in the loading made WeGoIgo apparently refuse to read files it created (such as the autosave). These embarassing bugs have all been fixed with this update, so PLEASE grab it if you haven't!

For those of you affected by the Joseki issue, you can to to Preferences > Advanced Preferences > Clear Cache to get rid of the failed Joseki reads. This applies to you if, when you load a Joseki, the board is empty and the comments field at the bottom says "End of recorded path."

Sorry for the inconvenience! Full changelog after the break, as usual.

* Fix: Bug preventing Joseki from running their initial load properly
* Fix: Bug causing WegoIgo to refuse to read files it created itself.
That's embarassing!
+ Item in Advanced Preferences to clear the cache-- useful for those
having problems loading Joseki so they can retry without losing
all of their Tsumego data.


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  2. Hi. I bought the paid version today. When I try to load Kogos joseki dictionary, the application force closes. I have cleared cache in advanced settings. Otherwise, I really like your app. That's why I bought it!