Sunday, August 7, 2011

WeGoIgo 1.16 and GnuGo 1.1

Well, like I promised, I've released v1.16 of my WeGoIgo app and v1.1 of the GnuGo AI app. I haven't made all the changes I wanted to the interface-- I want to take some time to really think through the best way-- but I have made the magnifying glass try to go above your finger instead of to the side. I've also slightly improved the efficiency of the SGF loader, so people who've had trouble loading Kogo's might try to clear their cache and try again. No promises-- it was a very small change-- but you never know!

The biggest thing here, as I said, is the AI. I'm confident that it will be more responsive and more stable-- something I know many people, including myself, have been wanting for some time.

I haven't gotten around to releasing the update for the free version yet-- enjoy the perks, paid users! I changed my system for managing them so it's easier and quicker for developing, but publishing is not quite as automatic. But, since I spend more time developing than I do publishing, I'm happy with the tradeoff.


  1. Hi,

    I like the magnifying glass, but it would be great if the crosshairs were also above your finger and not right underneath.

    Another option would be to have a mag area above or below the board.

    I am also (I mailed you) having some trouble loading the joseki. The loader says it has loaded many joseki from the library, but I can only seem to navigate through the first one.

    Great app otherwise.


  2. Hi, Good jod with the app, Everything work fine except de kogo library >.<. in 50% stuck and the app stop responding and close.

    Cheers, and thank for your effort

  3. I can´t install GnuGo from appslib. Tha app download but when i am installing, it don´t install.
    I have WeGoIgo and Android 2.1.