Thursday, December 30, 2010

Updates and Ads

Today, I released a free, ad-based version of my WeGoIgo app, known on the market as "WeGoIgo Lite." I know I love free apps myself, and don't mind wading through ads, so I thought I would bring that option to users of my own app. The users of the paid version of my app will always have precedence over those of the free version (They are paying money, after all!), but I don't plan on crippling the free version by removing features-- hopefully this is good news to everyone. I do reserve the right to include games/go problem sets ONLY in the paid version, as a thank you-- but I haven't gotten to that point-- I'll let you know when I do. To clarify, the paid version is still on the market, and still is ad-free. The "Lite" version is must to give people another option.

In other news, I've released several updates since the original upload, with a few changes, several fixes, and a couple of new fixes. 

Full change log until now after the break.

Version 1.5
* Fix: Canceling the loading of a file caused a crash
* Fix: Description of New Game reflects ability to play AI now
+ Help entry linking to Go tutorials

Version 1.4
* Fix: Crashing/Slow-down issues related to undo when playing AI
* Change: Removed go to start/go to end menu items in Play Game mode

Version 1.3
+ Allow AI level selection (Assumes support for non-standard
    GTP "level" command introduced by GNU Go)
+ "Pass" command when playing games.
+ If AI and player both pass, the score is evaluated and
    displayed. It is also included in the sgf file if you
    choose to save your game. Note that this ONLY happens
    if playing an AI! WeGoIgo doesn't yet have reliable
    built-in scoring

Version 1.2
* Fix: Joseki loading; it caches the file on
    the first load, so each load after should be
    instantaneous. Navigating moves is a bit sluggish,
    but that can be optimize that further in the future

Version 1.1
+ New Help entry on the Score button
* Fix: Folder selection in preferences

Version 1.0
+ Initial Market post

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